San Antonio

After we awoke from the rest stop benches we slept on, we headed out for San Antonio, TX. We arrived in San Antonio and settled into a hotel room graciously provided by Robb Sanderson. After a quick dinner we drove downtown to the riverwalk, a winding river in the center of downtown that has been surrounded by hotels and restaurants. Small passenger boats motored through the river like the jungle cruise at disneyland.


We exited the riverwalk and came face to face with a piece of American history. The location of the final stand between Santa Anna and his army several thousand strong against a group of about 200 rugged frontiersmen including Davy Crockett. The texans held off the Mexican army for two weeks before they were overrun, but this battle led to a unification of the states in an attempt led by general Sam Houston to push the Mexican army back and liberate Texas.

Remember the Alamo



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