The Mist Trail

Our first major hike of the trip was Yosemite’s Mist Trail. The following images and video were all taken from a GoPro camera mounted on my forehead with a head-strap and used a WiFi remote attached to my pack to trigger the camera. Hands down the best point and shoot set up. Along with the forehead cam, I’m rocking a chipped front tooth. Most likely, I was the goofiest looking kid on the mountain. 
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From the daily grind to the trip of a lifetime

The time has come for me to hang up the Starbucks Green Apron (temporarily) and embark on a journey of a different kind. Away from the charming (sarcasm) Citrus Heights, Ca and towards the extraordinary sights hidden amongst our Nation’s backyards. Only seven hours remain now before myself, and three of the greatest friends I was blessed to grow up with, load up and begin a story of a new kind. A story that together we will write, and remember for the rest of our lives. Here’s to the experiences to come, to friendship, and to Nature’s beauty.